The science behind cats loving boxes

Date:20 August 2020 Author: Adrian Brown

Many a cat-lover has been baffled by their felines’ natural love of boxes, but according to science there are many reasons behind their need for a good cardboard box.

One of the main reasons your cat likes boxes is security. Unlike most animals out there, cats feel safer in small spaces and enjoy finding a cosy little nook to cuddle up in. The comfort of only having to worry about a predator coming from one direction (the opening in the box) adds to their feelings of security.

According to a study by Claudia Vinke from Utrecht University, stress levels in cats provided with boxes were significantly lower than those without. These cats were even able to interact more comfortably with humans sooner than their boxless counterparts.

Another reason cats are fond of boxes connects with their predatory instinct to hunt. Boxes provide the perfect hiding spot for them to stage ambushes on “prey” passing by, which usually happens to just be their owners.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that cats love to scratch and boxes happens to provide the perfect texture for a scratching post. Many felines have started to associate the texture of cardboard with scratching posts because a number of these are made out of cardboard. It’s no mystery why, cardboard is the perfect material for scratching and allows cats to let out some steam while hiding in their little box caves.

In essence, your cat loves boxes because they tick all the boxes. Whether its the need for a safe space, a outlet for frustration or a tap into their hunter instincts, a cardboard box goes a long way in the eyes of a cat.

Picture: Pexels

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