This company created a full-scale 3D printed home

Date:18 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Building a house from scratch is no easy feat. The process is usually done brick by brick and involves a lot of materials, machinery, and manpower. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can also be quite expensive.

Now, it looks like there could soon be an entirely new method for building your dream home, and it involves 3D printing. A construction firm in Calverton, New York, called SQ4D recently constructed a full-scale demo house with walls made using a giant three-dimensional printer.

The demo house was made as a way to show the general public and industry leaders what could be done using 3D printing technology.

According to Reuters, the house has a footprint of around 130 square meters and features a detached garage. The footings, foundation and slab, along with the walls, have all been created using the 3D printer.

SQ4D now intends on putting an actual 3D printed house on the market, although it still needs to be built. Once completed, the house will be listed on property site Zillow with an asking price of around R4.3 million rand ($299,000).

In order to create the house, an ordinary desktop printer simply wouldn’t be up for the job. Instead, Kirk Andersen, the director of operations for SQ4D and the rest of his crew decided to create their own industrial-sized 3D printer that is capable of spitting out concrete instead of plastic.

“We set tracks on each side of the structure where we plan to print. We set up our giant gantry, our large scale printer goes back and forth, extruding these layers one by one, stacking, building all your walls.” Andersen explained to Reuters.

The printing time for the walls of the home took just 48 hours to complete, and it took a total of eight days to build the entire home.

Andersen said this method of creating a house is around 30% cheaper overall than a home built using regular methods.

Take a look at what goes into printing SQ4D house below:


Picture: Twitter/@NoirBlancDesign

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