When did the first fish live on Earth?

Date:20 July 2022 Author: Juandre Tags:, ,

A look back at the history of fish and when they first started swimming in our oceans.

Scientists believe that the first fish appeared on Earth around 500 million years ago. But how do they know this? It can be tricky to determine the age of something that lived so long ago, but there are a few methods that scientists use to figure it out.

One way is to look at the fossil record. By studying the fossils of ancient fish, scientists can get an idea of when they first appeared on Earth. Another way is to look at the DNA of modern-day fish. By comparing the DNA of different species, scientists can piece together a family tree that shows when different species diverged from one another.

Figuring out the age of the first fish is important for understanding the evolution of life on Earth. Fish were the first creatures to venture out of the water and onto land, paving the way for all other land animals. Understanding when they first appeared can help us understand how life on Earth has evolved over time.


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