World-first DNA test for resilience offered by SA life coach

Date:2 June 2021 Author: Byron Lukas Tags:,

A South African Biotech company has created a new way to measure a person’s genetic capacity for resilience through a DNA test. Success Coaching, now people the support to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events.

The test measures the genetic or natural ability to be resilient in the face of any challenges. According to the company’s Executive Life Coach, Jason Bernic, the DNA test for resilience is the first of its kind, and have become an essential part of people who is trying to adjust and cope with the effects which the pandemic have on our lives and livelihoods.

Bernic who is also the first life coach to offer this test to his clients says poor resilience means that a person is more inclined towards anxiety and depression with an increased risk of chronic illness so building one’s resilience means more health and mental wellbeing.

“It was once thought that resilience, and its required characteristics, was a learned skill. However, it is not just a mindset – science has discovered that there are genetic factors in everyone’s DNA that affect how resilient they naturally are,” Bernic said.

The test has been developed in collaboration between DNAlysis which is one of South Africa’s premier genetic testing laboratories, and Sutton Health, a provider of stress and health management solutions to corporate organisations.“Now that we understand the science behind what makes us resilient, we can take steps to improve on this essential trait.”

Bernic explains that the test identifies where you are moderate or low in any of the 7 molecular areas that contribute to resilience. “Once I receive a clients DNA report back, I then work with them to analyse, discuss and understand the results. In collaboration with a network of professional practitioners within the various relevant fields, so even if you score low in any of the areas of resilience, the report then provides valuable insights into how you can optimise these areas and boost your resilience using personalised interventions and strategies, ” Bernic said.

Meanwhile, he also recommends these test for anyone that takes any sort of a leadership role to help them cope, and indeed excel, in their personal and professional lives.







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