World’s smartest lamp post

Date:20 March 2012 Tags:,

US company  Illuminating Concepts is selling wired light posts that do more than brighten a street corner – they form an information network. – By Joe Pappalardo

Mesh transceiver
Transmits and receives data from a central receiver and poles, forming a street-level network.

Smart-grid lighting
Provides on-demand light levels; batteries keep post active if disconnected from the grid.

Digital street sign
Can be used for advertising, traffic direction, or pre-programmed emergency guidance based on sensor data.

Delivers music or communicates alerts across the network or to a specific post.

Digital signage
Can change messages to reflect planned or unplanned events.

Emergency light button

Can detect chemical, biological or nuclear materials in the air, while seismic monitors warn of earthquakes.

Water detection
Real-time data on water levels; useful in flood-prone areas.

Intellistreets system
Ordered by: Philadelphia and Chicago
Cost: R8 000 to R16 000 (not including lamp posts).
Price varies by options.

Video: Visit Intellistreets system: world’s smartest lamp posts to watch a visual demonstration of the many potential applications of the Intellistreets system.

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