You can now purchase the smell of space

Date:2 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

When an astronaut returns to the International Space Station after performing a spacewalk, they’re welcomed back with the peculiar smell of space. Some have described the smell as seared streak or gunpowder. NASA astronaut Don Pettit even described the smell as ‘a rather pleasant sweet metallic sensation.’

Now, you have the chance to experience the smell of space without ever having to leave the surface of Earth. Over a decade ago, researchers from NASA recreated the unique smell of space as a way of training its astronauts and preparing them for what’s to come once they leave Earth’s atmosphere.

Unfortunately, that recreated scent remained trapped “behind red tape and bureaucracy” for the best part of a decade, according to the Daily Mail. However, thanks to a lot of hard work, and of course the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, a company named The Eau de Space team managed to get their hands on this illusive recipe, and are now selling the ‘Smell of Space’ perfume on their kickstarter.

A pledge of R491 will get you one 118ml bottle of perfume, and the company will also donate a bottle to a K-12 STEM program. The kickstarter campaign has already gained over 4,200 backers and amassed over $ 169,000. However, Eau de Space will not be mass producing the scent after its current kickstarter campaign ends, so if you’re interested in finding out what space smells like, now is your chance.

Image: Kickstarter/ Eau de Space

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