2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – deepest set of game modes ever

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Electronic Arts has unveiled its EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, now on shelves throughout South Africa.

Complete with 11 game modes, 21 new stadiums, 7 469 players, 203 national teams sanctioned by FIFA, and one hundred new football animations, EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is now available for Xbox 360 and for PlayStation3.

Gameplay innovations and new features make EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil authentic to the tournament experience.

adidas micoach Training, the all-new in-mode training session, allows fans to improve player attributes as the tournament progresses by competing in 18 different drills that can enhance everything from pace to shooting.

New Penalty Kicks and Set Piece Tactics change the way the game is played from dead ball situations. Penalty Kicks feel dramatic and rewarding with new save animations, shot tuning and Goalkeeper Antics, while Set Piece Tactics put fans in control of the runs their teammates take by using the directional pad and choosing one of four preset plays.

Other innovations to the franchise’s award-winning* gameplay includes improvements made to passing, dribbling and player movement that were implemented to showcase the world class talent that will be on display at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Watch the following video to see how Electronic Arts has brought to life the world’s greatest tournament with the deepest set of game modes ever:


GAME REVIEW: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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