2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game review

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As the world gets ready for another FIFA World Cup, EA brings us the next instalment in their World Cup series. However, unlike the last release in 2010, this seems more like an enhanced version of FIFA 14 rather than a stripped down version.

The enhancements found within 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil are so noticeable that I would almost prefer to call this FIFA 14.5. Yes, there are a lot of FIFA 14 elements missing (because they have no place in a World Cup game), but on the whole the development team seems to have gone as far as even sorting out some “broken” FIFA 14 elements. And they even tweaked the player physics.

There was some controversy around this game’s release when EA decided to publish on the older platforms (Xbox 360 and PS3). To some there will be big disappointment over this. But EA’s view was that not that many people will be disappointed because not enough people are using next-gen consoles yet. From a slightly different perspective, if 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is anything to go by, I’d say that FIFA 15 is going to give all those next-gen owners a new reason to live. In the long run, disappointment will be short-lived.

One definite enhancement that comes across for me in this title is that it’s now very easy to be a spectator. By this I mean that when your friends are playing and you’re simply sitting nearby watching the game, it’s not quite so tedious. They’ve done a lot with the presentation of visuals in that the replays are amazing to watch, the offside sequence is way better and the crowds seem a lot more alive. It’s easy to spectate and to find yourself getting tremendously excited in much the same way you would if you were watching the real games. This is a clever way to capture the unbridled excitement that always surrounds the World Cup.

Playing through the World Cup can be very challenging and there are a number of game modes that allow you to get your team into the World Cup final. Road to the World Cup allows you to play a team all the way from the qualifying rounds and cover years of games that hopefully get you to the actual FIFA World Cup. The Captain Your Country mode is quite a lot of fun in that it allows you to play one player (including one of your own creation) as the captain of your team. This is somewhat similar to the Be a Pro career mode in FIFA 14 although here you must compete against “rival” players to beat the manager’s next round of cuts.

What I really enjoyed with this new game is the pace of play. Given that all of the teams are essentially world-class teams, the resulting matches are exciting and fast paced. The player’s ball handling dynamics appear to have been upgraded and the intelligence inside of the “through-ball” logic is now so clever that I found myself being caught out many times by some very clever passing.

The last version of the FIFA World Cup game was merely an add-on to the FIFA 10 of that time. Now that it’s a stand-alone game, EA have made sure that we gamers get our money’s worth. As a result, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a fantastic game and just what you need to enhance your already overwhelming excitement for the greatest sporting event in the world.

Available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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