2,400 iconic NASA images are up for auction

Date:11 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Images of Neil Armstrong on the moon, or Laika the dog sitting in a space capsule moments before becoming the first animal to orbit around the Earth have been engraved into our memories, and for good reason.

Now, it looks as though you could soon own these images, along with 2,400 other iconic photos captured by NASA over the years as they will be put up for sale in an online auction hosted by Christie’s.

From 6 to 20 November 2020, Christie’s Voyage To Another World: The Victor MartinMalburet Photograph Collection will present 700 lots, comprising approximately 2,400 vintage original photographs showcasing the artistic heritage of the golden age of space exploration when NASA, and its astronaut-photographers, captured the first forays into space and onto the surface of another world.

Alongside the iconic images, Voyage to Another World boasts photographs that were not released by NASA at the time of the missions. With estimates ranging from R16,600 [£800] to R6 million [£30,000]. These rare pictures lay uncelebrated for decades, such as the first photograph of Earthrise, the only photograph of Neil Armstrong on the Moon and incredible panoramas taken by each of the 12 astronauts who walked on the Moon.

The collection has been meticulously assembled over the course of 15 years by Victor Martin-Malburet and includes a corresponding catalogue which, thanks to the mission transcripts made available by NASA, retraces mankind’s first journey to another world step by step.

“The astronauts are often portrayed as great scientists and heroes, but rarely are they hailed as some of the most significant photographers of all time,” said Martin-Malburet.

Click here to view the wide variety of images up for auction.

Picture: Pixabay

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