4 must-watch movies to look forward to in 2022

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After more than a hundred years since the first silent film was made in 1888, the world of cinema has told countless stories and given us something more than just entertainment. It has given expression to the human spirit and pushed the boundaries of our imaginations.

Movies allow us to be transported to different worlds and can arouse every emotion, from joy and excitement to fear, empathy, and sadness. They inspire us, educate us, and offer us an escape from the ordinary.

And while the pandemic has had a massive impact on the film industry, Hollywood continues to deliver new blockbusters every year for us to feast our eyes on. Here are some of 2022’s releases you don’t want to miss.

The Batman

Since its first appearance on television in 1966, the Batman franchise has become one of the most loved and highest-grossing media franchises of all time. In 2022, the caped vigilante makes a return to cinemas once again, starring Robert Pattinson in the DC Comics universe. This time, Batman plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Riddler while trying to stamp out a corrupt criminal network in Gotham City. The Batman will be swooping into US cinemas on 4 March 2022.

Thor: Love and Thunder 

As the highly anticipated follow-up to Thor: Ragnarok, which had astounding success at the box office in 2017, Marvel is bringing Chris Hemsworth back to the big screen on 8 July 2022. While there is still only speculation as to what epic adventures the son of Odin will be getting up to this time, you can be sure that this movie will bring the thunder.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

What may at first have seemed like just another superhero movie, Black Panther quickly rose to become one of Marvel’s biggest success stories. Not only did it rake in $1.3 billion worldwide and receive three Academy Awards – but it was also the first blockbuster superhero movie with an authentic (though futuristic) African narrative. The sequel, Black 

Panther: Wakanda Forever, will hit US cinemas on 11 November 2022 and promises to take a deeper dive into the world and mythology of Wakanda.

Avatar 2

After 14 long years since James Cameron’s Avatar smashed box office records to become the highest-grossing movie of all time, its sequel is finally on the way. All we know for now is that Avatar 2 will be exploring the bioluminescent oceans and rainforests of Pandora and is set to release on 16 December 2022. It will be the second of five Avatar films, with all the scripts already written. Considering the astronomical success of the franchise, it comes as no surprise that they’re making more, and we can’t wait to dive in.

The age of the at-home cinema

2022 has some exciting things in store for movie lovers and fans of seemingly forgotten franchises. While it may seem like a lifetime ago since we’ve seen fully packed cinemas, we are also now living in the age of the home cinema.

LG’s groundbreaking OLED TVs have set a new benchmark for cinema-class viewing experiences within the comfort of our living rooms. With the power of over 100 million self-lit pixels that turn on and off on an individual level, OLED is able to deliver infinite contrast and more vibrant colours than any conventional display technology.

LG’s OLED TVs also feature Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which are both used in the best cinemas worldwide, as well as Filmmaker Mode and AI-powered picture and sound optimisation. All these features contribute significantly to making cinematic experiences more immersive and are well worth looking out for, especially for die-hard movie lovers.

And considering that MultiChoice plans to bring 4K content to DStv and Showmax Pro this year, it may be an ideal time to upgrade your home cinema to stunning 4K. Having overtaken HD and full HD to claim the number-one spot of the most popular screen resolution, a TV that supports this technology is a must to get the brilliantly vivid and detailed experience of 4K content. And those who already own 4K TVs will finally have 4K broadcasts available to put it to use.

Movies are getting bigger and better each year, and so are the TVs that we watch them on. So, why not turn your living room into your personal movie theatre and take entertainment to a new dimension?

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