5 useful “OK Google” commands

Date:14 July 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

Most Android smartphones come with the “OK Google” Virtual Assistant, but apart from being a funny party trick it’s actually quite useful.

Here are some of the OK Google voice search and actions you should consider using:

1. OK Google, play

The voice search can play podcasts and music of your choice when prompted, but also has the ability to play TV shows. If you have a Google Chromecast, or a television fitted with one, Google’s virtual assistant can launch shows on request.

2. OK Google, let’s make

Virtual Assistant can be your culinary assistant! You can tell it to read popular food or drink recipes. You’ll be guided through the ingredients list, instructions and told if there are replacement ingredients.

And if you’re unsure about measurements, you can always ask Google to give you the quantity in a measurement system of your choice.

3. OK Google, set a timer for/set an alarm for

Google Virtual Assistant can set a timer, which can be very convenient while you’re cooking. Timers can be customised for specific food preparation like pasta and rice.

It can also set alarms and name them for specific tasks, reminders or getting up in the morning.

4. OK Google, tell me the news/the a joke/the stock price of…

The Google machine can be entertaining or simply read you the news. You can select which news site you want the headlines read from, and you can control the playback with your voice.

For the those interested in the financial side Virtual Assistant can relay commodity, index and stock prices. You can also get general information about markets or more specific information relating to a certain market. As a side note, you can also request exchange rate information.

5. OK Google, how much sugar is in (food or drink)?

If you’re keeping a close eye on your sugar and/or calorie intake, Virtual Assistant can tell you the sugar quantity of a food. You can also find sugar or fiber quantities per serving of food.

Even though these are our top pick, that’s not all. There’s a bunch of other searches and commands to be used. They include:

– Account, privacy, and search
– Calendar, alarms, reminders & information
– Communicate with friends & family
– Entertainment (music, movies, TV, books & pictures)
– Directions & travel
– Facts & quick answers
– Change your device’s settings

You can get a list of integrated apps and all the search and command prompts on the Google help page, here.


Source: Best Products via Popular Mechanics USA

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