A.I to decide when movies will be released

Date:20 January 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , ,

In 2001 Warner Bros released A.I, a movie depicting what the future might look like once artificial intelligence is fully incorporated into our lives. While we might not have ultra-realistic A.I robots like in the movie, Warner Bros are one step closer to having artificial intelligence make big-money decisions, like when to release the next blockbuster.

Warner Bros announced at CES in Las Vegas that they have signed a multi-year deal with L.A tech company Cinelytic to make use of its AI system which will decide when the best time to release a new movie would be. The current deal is a trial run and only involves the international side of Warner Bros Inc.

Many people have found this announcement to be quite worrying though, with some claiming that the introduction of AI systems will be the death of creativity in the world of cinema.

Cinelytic is an analytical and finial modeling tool that uses machine learning to assist film executives in making decisions about when, where and how to release movies. However, the tool does not dictate to executives when exactly the next movie should be released. Instead, the tool can be viewed as a project management system that can be used to speed up pre-existing processes like analysing previous ticket sales and different demographics from around the world.

According to Cinelytic, the amount of data already gathered by their system will “reduce executives’ time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks and generate actionable insights for green-lighting, marketing and distribution decisions.”

“Warner Bros is excited to employ Cinelytic’s cutting-edge system. In our industry, we make tough decisions every day that affect what, and how we produce and deliver films to theatres around the world, and the more precise our data is, the better we will be able to engage our audiences,” said Tonis Kiis, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros International Distribution.

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