All you need to know about Ladles of Love’s Feed the Soil programme in Sea Point

Date:12 November 2021 Author: Micayla Vellai Tags:, , , ,

We’re still on a high after Ladles of Love managed to obliterate the Guinness World Record for the longest line of food cans, measuring in at 6.7km long, and sporting over 90 000 cans.

And now they’re back with another amazing initiative! Ladles of Love’s Feed the Soil sustainability and urban farm programme is well under way, and prioritising food gardens is the name of the game.

Several kits of waste will be collected and turned into compost to aid community food gardens, with nearly 40 to date in order to grow fresh, nutritious produce.

Ladles of Love will be stationed at the South Beach parking lot in Sea Point every Wednesday between 9-12pm, so enthusiastic people willing to lend a hand can drop, swop and shop for a better environment! The vegetables available comes straight from the gardens that they supply compost to.

Have a look at this programme’s ecosystem below!

Stop by on your trip to Sea Point and meet the team behind the magic in order to learn about this amazing initiative that will help fix the broken food system.

Visit their website to purchase your eco-waste kit: or find out more by checking out their Facebook page.

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