Altitude0 looks right smashing

Date:26 August 2013 Author: Rogan Louwrens


The real flying of real aircraft is a frightful mess of buttons and levers and flashing lights and boring old flight schedules. Yes, let’s all heave a great big sigh for flight. (Unless you’re talking combat Zeppelins, because hot damn.)

But! Altitude0: Lower & Faster – a game about whipping stunt planes through (sometimes barely) airborne raceways while other planes attempt to best you – snubs all that nonny-nonny and provides a dashing glut of derring-do for your tally-ho. Now this is the sort of thing that’d drag me to flight school, see? It’s like a dose of pure devil-may-care aimed straight at the wimbles by Indiana Jones himself.

So look at the moving picture embedded below courtesy of the Tubular You, then go on and download the game-in-development forthwith because it’s free to play. Having given it a bit of a preliminary bash, I can vouch for it being as bloody difficult as it is fun – sorta like Trackmania with a lot less of all that bothersome ground.

If you like it you might want to consider helping development along by buying the so-called Support Pack, because that’s what gentlepersons do.

(Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun!)

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