Amazon test Scout, the delivery robot

Date:22 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

The practice of taking home deliveries has rapidly increased ever since the COVID-19 pandemic first started to make its way around the globe. However, the problem with ordering an item, and then having it delivered right to your doorstep is the fact that you still come into contact with another human, who could be a potential carrier of the virus.

To get around this problem and cut the human interaction to a minimum, Amazon has began testing Scout, the delivery robot. Scout will make deliveries from Monday to Friday, using sensors and other advanced tech to navigate itself.

Whilst we’ve already seen autonomous delivery take place in the form of delivery drones, Scout will act more like a conventional robot, using electric power to propel itself forward at walking speed while being able to self-navigate and avoid objects in its way.

Scout will initially be tested in Franklin, Tennesee, and Atlanta, Georgia as these locations have a much different climate than the places in California and Washington where they have also been tested. This will provide engineers with a chance to see how the machines perform in hotter, more humid climates, according to Slashgear.

During the test period, customers will place orders like normal, but in cases where it is applicable, their products will be delivered by Scout the robot rather than a traditional human carrier.

Assuming everything goes as planned, the introduction of Scout will move Amazon one step closer to its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2040.

Take a look at Scout in action below:

Image: Screenshot/ YouTube video

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