Amazon’s new headquarters is inspired by DNA

Date:3 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Amazon has unveiled a design proposal for three new buildings that will form its new headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and it’s clear to see that environmental sustainability was at the forefront of the design.

The new building was designed by architecture firm NBBJ and infuses nature into the urban landscape to create a unique, sustainable environment. As part of the new site, Amazon will develop 2.8 million square feet of new office space that will be distributed across three 22-story buildings.

The new buildings are designed to be LEED Platinum, the highest certification for a sustainable development issued by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The buildings will include all-electric central heating and cooling systems powered by 100% renewable energy sourced from a solar farm located in Pittsylvania County in southern Virginia.

The centrepiece of the new development will be a double helix DNA-inspired tower that features two walkable paths of landscaped terrain that will spiral up the outside of the building.

In terms of the surrounding area, publicly accessible spaces will prioritise walkways, landscaping, and retail over motor vehicles, with most vehicle traffic happening below ground.

According to Amazon, “Visitors and neighbours won’t see service vehicles crossing the new site as all deliveries and docking activity will happen underground, freeing up even more space for the community.”

In addition to the walkways, the site will also feature protected bike lanes in the streets,  and each office building will have dedicated street-level bike entrances, which Amazon hopes will encourage more people to use bicycles for their daily commute.

The environmental aspects Amazon took into consideration when designing its new headquarters will go a long way in helping the company achieve its Climate Pledge to be net-zero carbon by 2040.


Picture: Amazon


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