Apotheon is looking positively Hellenic

Date:5 December 2013 Author: Rogan Louwrens


Mythology has given us some of the finest gaming moments this side of the pixel – just take God of War, Ōkami and Shin Megami Tensei (whatever you do, don’t admit you haven’t played any of these).

I’m a real sucker for this sort of thing, so I am perhaps a little too excited about Apotheon, a side-scrolling RPG Greek-’em-up in development by Alientrap Games. Then again, Alientrap are responsible for the intolerably excellent Capsized, one of the best 2D run-and-guns to come out of 2011.

But see here: Apotheon has a new trailer, and you have to see it for the painted-on-clay art style alone:

Am I right or what? There’s no release date yet, but Apotheon has been in development for some time now, so I’m making an offering to the Greek deity of videogames in the hopes of an early-2014 launch.

You should too.


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