• The top 10 April Fools’ tech hoaxes

    • Honda horn emoji Image credit: YouTube
    • Emirates APR001 airplane includes the ultimate entertainment. Image credit: Facebook
    • Airbnb's humanless host Image credit: YouTube
    • The world's first full-body wearable onesie from T-Mobile. Image credit: YouTube
    • Logitech's interactive life size mouse trackball. Image credit: Logitech
    • The McLaren 570gt is covered in feathers for the ultimate aerodynamic driver experience. Image credit: YouTube
    • The Amazon echo with Petlexa takes care of your animals when you're not at home. Image credit: YouTube
    • Petco DooDoo drone stainless steel claw cleans up the mess, so you don't have to. Image credit: YouTube
    • The Flowerbed mattress can grow flowers. Image credit: YouTube
    • Google Gnome turns your garden into a smart one. Image credit: YouTube
    Date:10 April 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:,

    A day, considered by many as the most useless day of the Internet – where everything is not as it seems. Here is a roundup of the top ten silliest and outrageous tech inventions on the web for April Fools’ Day.

    Honda horn emoji

    1. Honda horn emoji

    A driver to driver expressive communication system just incase the single tone horn honk doesn’t cut it . Why not have seven emoji inspired horn sounds to better convey your emotion on the road.

    Emirates triple-decker

    2. Emirates

    The airline displayed their sense of humor through unveiling their plans for a triple-decker which includes a swimming pool, games room, gym and park.  If only.

    Airbnb humanless host

    3. Airbnb humanless host

    The worldwide hospitality service released a robotic guide loaded with tons of recommendations for the ultimate Airbnb experience.

    T-Mobile onesie

    4. T-Mobile onesie

    Pair your T-mobile smartphone with the onesie and become a human hotspot. Features include thermanetic charging, real time bio data, diet mode, hoodiephones, and unlimited 4G LTE coverage.

    Logitech trackball mouse is super-sized

    5. Logitech

    The trackball mouse is super-sized and turns computer navigation into a full body experience.  Imagine bouncing your way through spreadsheets or creating documents rolling over the big bouncy ball.

    McLaren 570GT

    6. McLaren 570GT

    Don’t get excited just yet.  We’re referring to the carbon fibre feather covered edition, because why not wrap your ridiculously expensive car in feathers.

    Amazon Echo with Petlexa

    7. Amazon Echo with Petlexa

    Leaving your fury friends at home and unsupervised? No worries – Petlexa is a speaker that talks to your pets while keeping them company and entertained.

    Petco DooDoo drone

    8. Petco DooDoo drone

    Petco DooDoo drone makes cleaning your dog’s mess a walk in the park. The DooDoo app is compatible with Android and iPhone and is equipped with GPS. The drone’s sniffing sensor will find the mess and dispose of it in no time.

    Flowerbed mattress

    9. Flowerbed mattress

    Not sure what to do with your old mattress? Flowerbed wants you to bury it. Get your shovel out to reuse and recycle this environmental friendly mattress embedded with seeds. Water it and watch the non-GMO flowers grow.

    Google Gnome

    10. Google Gnome

    This is basically a smart home speaker for your yard. Ask Gnome for weather updates and connect it to garden utilities like your water hose.

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