Are you willing to cut back on ‘convenience’ to afford your dream vacation?

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Many South Africans have been dreaming of their next vacation after the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic brought dreamy plans to a halt.

But now there’s another obstacle that’s blocking the way to a perfect holiday in paradise – inflation. A rise in car and aircraft fuel prices might see you working a little harder to tick that amazing getaway off your bucket list.

New research from global travel search site revealed that 4 in 10 (41%) of South African adult travellers (18+) believe that paying for a holiday this year will be more difficult than in previous years while 43% of those willing to make cuts and lifestyle changes, are prepared to do so for up to six months in order to fund their next holiday.

By using what’s known as the Vacay Vaculator, travellers were able to choose what to save on and for how long, against the backdrop of average costs of everyday ‘luxuries’.

When they were asked for the cutbacks they’d be prepared to make to save for a holiday, takeaways and dining out were top of the list at 52%. Purchasing new clothes and going to the cinema or live events came a close second and third on the list (35% and 31% respectively).

Other areas where South Africans are happy to make the cut to help them save up for a holiday includes giving up various entertainment subscriptions. And while 15% of those surveyed are willing to give up their gym or sports membership in the short term, 11% are not willing to make any cuts at all.

  1. Eating out and takeaways (52%)
  2. New clothes (35%)
  3. Seeing a movie or attending live events (31%)
  4. Cigarettes and/or alcohol (26%)
  5. Takeaway coffee (20%)
  6. Entertainment subscriptions such as Netflix, DStv, Spotify, etc. (19%)
  7. Professional haircuts or dying (16%)
  8. Gym/sports memberships (15%)
  9. Uber and transport (11%)
  10. Other (2%)

Here are a few Vacay Valuator examples

Cutback Savings period  Average cost 
Daily coffee, dining out and takeaways 3 months about R1,479
Wine and beer 4 months about R2,062
Subscriptions, movies and live events 5 months about R1,972
Uber and transport 6 months about R4,975
Gym/sports membership 7 months about R1,987
New clothes 10 months about R3,690


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