• Astronauts capture the moment comet NEOWISE passed by Earth

    Date:16 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    On July 5, NASA astronauts were treated to a once in a lifetime experience when they witnessed the recently discovered Comet NEOWISE flyby Earth at extremely close range. Best of all, the entire encounter was captured in hundreds of photographs and made into a video for all of us to enjoy.

    During an interview with The New York Times’ The Daily podcast, NASA astronaut Bob Behnken described the encounter as “an awesome sight to be able to see.”

    “Right before the Sun came up, that comet [NEOWISE] became visible during that short period of time when it was still close to the Sun, but the Sun was still hidden by the Earth. It was just an awesome sight to be able to see.”

    Thankfully, you don’t need to be a qualified astronaut floating above the earth’s atmosphere to see this wonderful spectacle. A UK-based graphic artist named Seán Doran, who regularly processes space-agency imagery, managed to download the many photographs taken of the comet and edited them into a crisp 4K video, which you can view below.

    “Grab a cold beverage, turn off the lights, get undressed, get comfortable and pop this on the big TV. Consume whilst drinking.” Doran tweeted when he uploaded the video

    A number of images were also shared of the comet taken from Earth



    Take a look at the mesmerizing video below:


    Image: @LAKSuperiorFoto

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