“Baby Yoda” toys have 17-month long waiting list

  • This Baby Yoda toy costs $300 on GakCreatures' ETSY (Source: ETSY)
Date:13 December 2019 Author: Lucinda Dordley

The world has become obsessed with a creature that has become known as ‘Baby Yoda’, so much so, that there is a Change.org petition to demand for a Baby Yoda emoji be created.

In the television show The Mandalorian, ‘Baby Yoda’ is actually named The Child, and is of the same species as iconic Jedi master, Yoda.

This Baby Yoda toy costs $300 on GakmanCreatures’ ETSY (Source: ETSY)

As Disney has not yet released official merchandise with Baby Yoda branding, a myriad of other toymakers have stepped up to fill the void.

One of these unofficial toymakers’ merchandise is so popular that there is a 14- to 17-month long waitlist for purchasing one of these cute little critters.

The toymaker, called GakmanCreatures, is selling Baby Yoda plush toys for $300, plus an additional $35 for shipping to the United States. Baby Yoda is made out of a combination of faux fur, polymer clay and pastels. It stands at approximately 5 inches tall, and can be arranged into different poses. The doll has a wire skeleton and glass eyes.

“Due to the high demand, actual waiting period is at least 14-17 months after the date of purchase or even longer,” the store notes. “This item can’t be delivered by Christmas 2019 and 2020.”

Picture: GakmanCreatures

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