Bill Nye demonstrates the importance of wearing a mask

Date:14 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Most people around the world know the importance of wearing a face mask in public, especially during a global pandemic. However, there are a minority of people out there who simply refuse to do so, despite warnings from medical experts.

One person who understands both the importance of wearing a mask and the right type of mask is the world’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye.

In a video posted to his TikTok channel, and subsequently shared by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Nye demonstrates how a knitted scarf placed over your face compares to a regular two-layered face mask.

He starts off by placing the scarf over his mouth before blowing through it to put out a lit candle, as you would imagine, the scarf offers little to no resistance and the candle is put out with relative ease.

He then removes the scarf and places a regular two-layered mask over his face before repeating the experiment, and the results are clear for all to see. Despite blowing as hard as he could, not enough air is able to pass through the face mask, and the candle remains lit.

Take a look at the experiment below:

Image: Twitter/@BillNye

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