BMW M4 Coupé

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There’s nothing like that letter M to start performance fans talking. With the two-door version now slotted in under the BMW 4 Series as the M4 Coupé, the M3 – originally itself a coupé, later a four-door, is officially the M3 sedan.

Whatever, that straight-six rasp raises the neck hairs like few others do. Its outputs are slightly higher than the V8 it replaces, too. But, though the heart of the M3 (er, M4?) has always been its engine – and this one is 40 per cent more powerful than before – the new car further spices up the performance equation by slashing 80 kg from its predecessor’s weight. Those weightloss measures employ masses of aluminium componentry and CFRP (including the roof and prop shaft).

Image credit: BMW

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