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Date:27 May 2021 Author: Juandre

With micro spaces popping up all over the world – Cape Town based interior design graduates transitioned from the design and manufacture of furniture and home décor to the design and creation of exclusive, luxurious interior spaces in the form of micro homes.

Boxed Micro-Living was born!
We created a micro-home from the structure of a 20ft container making it 13sqm internally. Built off-site and suited to urban or remote living the Micro-Box is a self-contained luxe home that can be transported to any place on the map.

The micro size called for a fully customized design where flexibility and multi-usage became a focus. The objective was to create a home that encourages interaction and embodies a unique style and aesthetic.

We manufactured everything from start to finish ranging from concrete sinks, concrete surfaces and wall tiles to light fixtures and adaptable furniture resulting in a beautifully refined, cohesive space. The most unique part of the space are the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, over 1000 tiles all cast by hand.

Our purpose when designing the space was to incorporate everything an individual needs to settle and live, to make the user feel comfortable and able to achieve day-to-day tasks in the space as they would in a standard sized home.

The most prominent design feature in the space is our custom made, Japanese inspired, adaptable couch. A couch by day and single or double bed by night with a nifty side table in-between. Three functions with one simple movement. The couch also holds two storage compartments below for clothing.

Instead of building traditional cupboards, we opted for a highly versatile custom-built cleat system, which allows the user to personalize their storage units while encouraging an ever changing space where items can be placed in multiple configurations.

The exterior has a sliding screen that makes up the façade of the container. The material finish is a traditional Japanese technique of wood preservation called shou sugi ban. The screen has multiple variations and it encourages the user to interact with their home, with just a simple push it changes the glance of the exterior. It has the functional element as a security fence and shade screen thus allowing for privacy and further insulating the space. We love the element that the screen blocks out the light while still allowing for airflow into the space.

The Micro-Box is perfect for underutilized areas – It can be used as a secondary dwelling, to generate additional income or as a B&B unit on a wine farm or holiday destination where It could be fully integrated into the landscape.

The space comes fully equipped and is “ready to go, ready to live in”

Take this micro-home wherever your heart desires and disconnect to reconnect in this unique tiny living experience!

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