Advertorial: Bridgestone Firestone tyre damage guarantee

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Bridgestone South Africa understands that saving is the name of the game, and consumers are shopping smart for products and goods that let their money go further. Often, those hard-earned rainy day funds can be wiped clean by inconvenient and unexpected expenses. Replacing a tyre that has been damaged on an unseen pothole or by a severe puncture could cost you thousands, unless of course you purchase Bridgestone or Firestone tyres.

The original and free Tyre Damage Guarantee offered on Firestone and Bridgestone Ecopia branded passenger tyres has been extended to Firestone Destination 4x4tyres, in keeping with Bridgestone’s commitment to providing world class products and services.

This unique guarantee protects your tyre against road damage such as cuts, bruises, impacts or irreparable punctures that are caused by poor road conditions and road hazards such as rocks and broken glass. Should your tyre be damaged, the Tyre Damage Guarantee will ensure that it is replaced and that you only pay for the tread you have used. For example on a passenger tyre with 2mm tread used you will save 75% of the cost of a replacement tyre. That’s a huge saving which in some cases amounts to thousands.

Bridgestone offers you the largest dealer network in South Africa. Bridgestone and Firestone tyres can be purchased at Supa Quick, Autoquip and Speedy dealers nationwide. When purchasing your tyres a simple online registration done on your smartphone or at the dealership activates your guarantee. A SMS will confirm that your details are captured and your guarantee is active.

Claiming your guarantee should your tyre be damaged is a simple process of locating the nearest Supa Quick or authorised dealer. With more that 250 outlets across the country for your convenience, your tyre will be replaced and your claim lodged at a Supa Quick or authorised dealer of your choice. You will ONLY pay for the tread that has been used.

Your free Tyre Damage Guarantee is a sure way to save more and give yourself motoring peace of mind. So be smart, purchase Bridgestone or Firestone tyres. Visit for more. Terms and conditions apply.

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