• Build your own (virtual) army of tyrannical robots

    Date:13 February 2013


    By Rogan Louwrens

    If popular culture has taught us anything, it’s that robots will one day overthrow humanity and then sit around all day doing roboty things like playing chess and transforming into cars.

    You may not have noticed, but they haven’t quite reached that stage yet – which is why you need to play Rawbots, a sandbox game in which your task is to design, build and program a fleet of mechanical beings with the oh-so-modest aim of battling other robots for galactic supremacy.

    Think Lego, okay? Weapons-grade Lego, complete with lasers and pulse cannons. It’s incredibly sophisticated too: “Everything is a robot,” the game’s website explains: “doors, roads, walls, bridges, safes, traps, turrets, surveillance systems, etc. Build forts, towers and architect impressive structures to protect your planets and resources. You may play solo or with friends to infiltrate, conquer planets and gather resources.”

    Rawbots is still in its early stages, but it’s already looking impressive. Those who pre-order at US$30 (okay okay, US$29.99) get early access to development builds of the game.

    If anybody asks, tell them you’re researching the tactics of tomorrow’s enemy.


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