• This guy built his own iPhone in China

    Date:25 April 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , ,

    Have you ever thought about building your own phone… from scratch? Scotty Allen took on the daunting task of building his own iPhone 6S 16GB at a fraction of the cost and succeeded.

    While travelling to China for work, he managed over time to collect all the individual parts from the battery, screen, logic board, to the tiny screws to assemble it all. On his Twitter account Allen admits that a lot of the components and tools he purchased was not used and only ended up using about R3917.91 worth of parts in his like-new iPhone.

    In the video above Allen brings you along for the journey with a vlogging video on his YouTube channel, Strange Parts. The 24 minute video takes us along the throwaway high-tech streets of Huaqangbei electronics market area of Shenzhen.

    China has become one of the leading experts in the dismantling of consumer electronics. The ecosystem of repair and refurbishing has monopolised making it a very resourceful market that gives way to innovation and opportunity.

    I’m sure we haven’t put much thought into what happens to our electronic devices once recycled or donated. Allen thinks it made it’s way to one of thousands of electronic markets in Shenzhen.

    It’s fascinating to observe the open market of production and resourcefulness that is found in these electronic markets. Compared to the West, where product, innovation and knowledge is limited to copy rights and patent systems. People in Shenzhen share ideas openly and there is a philosophy of ecosystems and networking in place.

    Shenzhen is arguable the electronic factory of the world. It’s not only a place of production, but a place to find components, inspiration or to make your next gadget. Allen’s video makes a compelling impression about the Shanzhai electronic culture while showing that anyone can build their own iPhone.

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