• Buy your very own luxury Noah’s Ark

    Date:8 July 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    Ever wanted to live on a houseboat but thought life aboard a small floating apartment would be a bit too cramped for your liking? If you have enough cash, this luxury houseboat is the answer.

    The floating homes designed by Arkup are not called boathouses so much as “livable yachts” and it’s easy to see why. The luxury homes are packed with high-end amenities and are much bigger than your average houseboat.

    The $5.5 million (over R93 million) luxury water-bound homes are also self-sufficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

    With rainwater harvesting, solar-power, and electric propulsion, this yacht is the true meaning of luxury off-the-grid.

    On a technical level, Arkup has made sure that those aboard don’t get seasick, by installing elevated hydraulic pilings which make the vessel as stable as a house and protect it from the action of waves.

    What is hiding below the glitzy exterior, however, appears to be an acknowledgment of these homes use in the case of future climate catastrophes. Well, maybe not that secret as the word has “ark”, referencing Noah’s Ark, in the company name.

    “The Arkup livable yacht was conceived to be sustainable and “future-proof”, from its ability to withstand or avoid extreme weather events to its self-contained systems that allow fully off-the-grid living,” said the company on its website.

    The company claim that these vessels can even withstand category 4 hurricanes because of its floor to ceiling impact resistant bay windows

    So for those who understand that an underground bunker in New Zealand will be of no use when most of the world floods, these luxury yachts are the next best option for the wealthy who acknowledge climate change and want to be prepared.

    Image: Arkup

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