Cat F podcast 01: the June 2017 issue

Date:8 June 2017 Tags:, , , , ,

Welcome to our very first podcast – Cat F podcast 01! This podcast is your definitive companion to each month’s magazine, covering some of the biggest features. But it’s not all copy paste, because we have some opinions of our own.

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Cat F podcast 01 topics:

  • Bitcoin: Economies of Disruption
    Page 50
    What is Bitcoin, how can you Bitcoin, should you concern yourself with crypto-currency?
  • Tattoos: Art of the Needle
    Page 78
    This is all about tattoos. We chat about getting inked, the tech behind inking, what makes a machine and
  • Clever Cars
    Page 57
    We look at modern vehicles and smart technology, the evolution of the tech behind self-driving cars and what we can expect from the industry.


So join us for about an hour of serious debate and sillyness. And if you’re interested, head down to your nearest store for the June issue of Popular Mechanics.






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