Cat F podcast 02: the July 2017 issue

Date:11 July 2017 Tags:, , ,

Welcome to episode 02 of the Cat F podcast – where we have conversations about the future. This month we’re again covering some of the magazine’s biggest stories. So listen to the podcast below to hear our own takes on the month’s top headlines.

Cat F podcast 02 topics:

  • Beating cancer – How technology is helping us win the war
    Page 34
    We look at the interesting technology that is being developed locally to fight the big C and how accessable these technologies will be,
  • Recall Fallout
    Page 74
    A brief discussion about public perception of cars with known faults,
  • Superheroes: Makers in tights
    Page 68
    We chat about our favourite superheroes, upcoming films and the first African-inspired superhero, and
  • Incoming! New releases:
    Coming soon!
    Nokia launch, what are Microsoft doing with the Xbox X, Nintendo will keep winning with Mario and by ignoring 4K, DJI Spark

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