Caviar made a custom PS5 plated with 20kg of 18 karat solid gold

Date:5 January 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

As we enter a new year, it’s safe to say the PlayStation 5 hype certainly hasn’t died down, as it is still virtually impossible to purchase one from a retail outlet. The scarcity of the console didn’t stop one company from selling its own custom 18 karat gold version of the PS5.

Caviar, a Russian company known for creating some of the most luxurious custom iPhones has turned its attention to the PlayStation 5 and decided to put its own twist on the console.

The custom PS5, aptly named ‘Golden Rock’, features a golden textured exterior plate which Caviar claims to be made up of 20kg of 18 karat gold. If a gold plated exterior isn’t enough to satisfy your expensive taste, the controller also received a custom upgrade. The accessory is made of crocodile leather with gold inserts for a real ‘tactile pleasure’, as Caviar describes it.

According to Caviar’s website, “[The] Gold PS5 will be assembled from eight sheets, cast in solid gold. About 20 Kilograms of gold were used to create it. This is a real masterpiece of jewelry.” It then goes on to explain, “The inspiration for the designers was the unique geometry of the gold ore and the graceful, beautiful outlines of the rock. That is why the console was named Golden Rock.”

The company did not mention how much the custom console will cost, but seeing as the average cost for a single kilo of 18K gold sells for around R675 000 [$45,000], the Golden Rock will be out of reach for your average gamer.


Picture: Twitter/@LowyatNET

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