Complex transmission landscape in Sichuan Province, China

Complex transmission landscape in Sichuan Province, China
Date:9 May 2011 Tags:

For many pathogens with environmental stages, or those carried by vectors or intermediate hosts, transmission is strongly influenced by pathogen, host, and vector movements across complex landscapes like this one, a mountainous area in Sichuan Province, China, where delineated roads and streams, land use, and elevation may facilitate or limit pathogen or host mobility between the two marked villages.

Genetic assignment tests provide a powerful means to estimate the magnitude and direction of key movements in infectious disease systems, revealing important ecological and environmental features that influence transmission (see Remais et al., doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1002013).

Image credit: Justin V Remais, Emory University/PLoS Pathogens, April 2011

This image was published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CCAL).

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