Conscious dustbins are saving the planet

Date:23 July 2019 Author: Sam Spiller Tags:, , , , , , ,

AI dustbins are tackling unnecessary waste by recognising which types of food are being thrown away

UK startup company, Winnow, has just launched a revolutionary new dustbin that uses AI technology. The goal is to bring an end to global food waste, starting with commercial food industries. The Winnow Vision uses a high resolution camera, along with a scale to recognize which foods, and how much food, get’s thrown away each day.

Marc Zornes, chief executive of Winnow said in an interview, “Food waste is a global issue, and one that kitchens around the world are struggling with. Using technology that learns and improves with each use, Winnow Vision has the ability to tackle food waste on a global scale”.

Using the Winnow Vision is as simple as using a tablet. The built in camera takes still images of food inside the bin and then checks it against a global database to work out what it is. The AI algorithm then plays the results back to the analyser in real time. The value of what’s being thrown away is calculated according to what the item is and what it weighs.

With the help of this intelligent dustbin, commercial kitchens can save between three and eight percent on total food costs. In the hotel and restaurant industry, this saving can be the difference between missing and exceeding profit targets. As well as this, users can now alter stock orders to reduce waste. Winnow vision has already been successfully installed in 23 Ikea stores, as well as a number of hotels and restaurants.

Roughly 75 of these smart bins are currently in use and the company plans to roll out hundreds more. Winnows estimates that it has already saved almost 30 million dollars worth of wasted food and 39,000 tonnes of CO2 from the environment so far, and they don’t plan stopping anytime soon.

Source: Independent

Image: Pixabay

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