Coral polyp mouth

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This macro shot shows the mouth of a coral polyp surrounded by tentacles. Captured by Camilla Floros, the image was awarded top spot in the “Science Close-Up” category – as well as overall – in the 2009 Southern African Science Lens (SA Science Lens) photography competition.

This coral is one of many that are being grown in a research aquarium. The aim is to cultivate corals in aquaria to reduce the pressure of collecting colonies from the wild and disturbing the coral reefs.

Organised and sponsored by the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), the SA Science Lens competition has been going since 2002. From portraying science in our everyday lives or showing something not visible to the naked eye, to simply showing the beauty of science – many striking images have come out of the now biennial competition.

Credit: Camilla Floros | SA Science Lens

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