COVID-19 ‘smart helmet’ comes to SA

Date:22 May 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

As South Africa prepares to enter level three of the nationwide lockdown, businesses are implementing strict safety and hygiene measures to ensure their employees don’t contract or pass on the coronavirus.

One of those measures involves the use of a ‘smart helmet’ called ‘KC N901’ capable of reading temperatures, as a high temperature is a telltale sign of infection.

KC N901 is designed by the Chinese based company KC Wearable and can scan upwards of 200 people every minute, features both facial recognition and number plate recognition technology and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The smart helmet also features an Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) processor, an augmented reality display screen, a visible light camera for day time use and an infrared camera for night time use along with being able to detect temperatures to an accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius.

All data captured by the KC N901 will be stored on its 64GB internal memory, making it the perfect tool to be used in airports, mining sites and manufacturing plants.

“The product offers the ability to do rapid screening and can be used for indoor and outdoor screening, which is important in our country in informal settlements, public transportation hubs, corporate, industrial plants and medical providers.” Said Jeremy Capouya, founder and CEO of Granule Holdings, the local company tasked with distributing the helmet throughout South Africa.

The smart helmet will be powered by Windows and Android OS and come with a smartwatch which can be used to control the helmet.

Take a look at the smart helmet in action below.

Image: Twitter/KC_Wearable

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