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GIPHY has always been the go-to place if you want to make a fun meme or GIF. Now the company has decided to give game development a go with the introduction of GIPHY Arcade.

In a statement, senior product engineer at GIPHY, Nick Santaniello said “GIPHY Arcade is a first-of-its-kind gaming platform that invites you to play, remix, and share crazy GIPHY-powered microgames.”
“All the games are designed to be played in just a matter of seconds and easily shared with your friends by simply sending a link.”

One benefit of using GIPHY arcade to create and share your games is that unlike Flash, you won’t have to familiarise yourself with complicated software, or learn a whole new set of programming skills. However, the ease of using GIFY Arcade comes at a cost. The opportunity to let your creative side run wild is hindered by pre-made templates and assets, meaning you’ll have to make do with what they offer you.

When creating a game on the desktop version of GIPHY arcade, you have the ability to choose from more than 30 different backgrounds, 20 different music tracks, and a huge selection of stickers. Once you’ve chose a hero, villain, and projectiles, all that’s left for you to do is choose a fun title and just like that, you’ve developed your own mini-game, with no sign-in required.

Creating a game through the mobile platform is a bit different. When you first open up GIPHY Arcade on your smartphone, you’ll be introduced to a template screen. From here you’ll have 10 different game templates to choose from. If you’ve chosen a game style that requires you to jump over objects, GIPHY will ask you a few questions like “Name your hero”, “Jumping over a…?” and “Trying to get a”. GIPHY will then create a game based around your answers.

All GIPHY arcade games will work most mobile devices with a web connection. This means games can be shared with ease by simply including a link in any text message, tweet or email.

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