Don’t Starve game review and trailer

  • Winter is a time for woolly hats.
  • Just about everything is out to get you.
  • Yes, it’s quite a strange game. Thanks for asking.
Date:20 May 2013 Author: Rogan Louwrens


Isn’t camping just the pits? Yes, it is: it’s all dirty and hungry and cold, and that’s not even counting the giant spiders, the betentacled swamps and the walrus hunting parties.

Okay, that probably requires a little explanation. It’s all a game, see? A game called Don’t Starve, which pits you against a decidedly twisted Mother Nature in a demonic – and rivetingly fun – alternate universe.

But starvation is the least of your worries in this top-down survival sim. Things are out to kill your face. The darkness is chewing on your sanity. Thank goodness you’re so resourceful, then.

The key to your continued existence is fire. It banishes the darkness. It chars your meals. It gives you something to stare into while the night develops eyes.

Fire, though, is only the beginning; much of Don’t Starve revolves around a robust crafting system that has you combing the land for the means to make all manner of weapons, structures, tools and hats. Hats. You’ll need it all (yes, even the hats) to make it far – but in the end you will totally die, at least while you’re still learning the ropes. And in Don’t Starve, unless you’ve made certain arrangements, death is permanent.

Starting over again and again could easily have led to incredible frustration (and indeed it is a tad painful) but thanks to Don’t Starve’s random landscape generation, interesting ecological interactions, and unlockable characters, it’s never tiresome. There is always something new to aim for, some new challenge to conquer, and it’s likely to remain that way for some time, thanks to a promise by the developers to add new content regularly for at least six months after release.

And when you wrap all of this up in an aesthetic that manages to be both dark and captivatingly cute, there really isn’t much to complain about. Check out the trailer:


Developer: Klei Entertainment
Publisher: Klei Entertainment
Platform: PC

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