Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection game review

Date:10 December 2012

The remake of the originals that was on the PlayStation 2 is back in Full HD. Yes now you get two for the price of one, but is it worth it?

At first when you start up the game you get a choice between two versions of the game Budokai 1 and 3. The menu system of the game is not at all the best as it is confusing just to start with the game. My version of the game is all Japanese with English subtitles.

If you think you are going to have a sense of the animation series, you are totally wrong. The story mode tries to take on the journey to get a some feeling of the series but just totally sucks as it’s all Japanese or Chinese I’m not even sure what it is.

The story mode left me with unresponsiveness as the buttons I need to press or I expect to press does not respond at all. The way they indicate to you through the training which buttons to press is confusing as it’s not correctly pointing out the Xbox buttons. You are left guessing and I hate guessing games.

Fighting in the normal game is challenging and sometimes too difficult but not unbeatable. You have a few characters to play with in the beginning and like all the other fighting games you need to play it through to unlock more characters throughout the game.

Nothing new is brought to this game and I’m left disappointed and my expectations of a bad game were just made true by even trying to play it.

This game is not recommended; rather spend your money on something better like Mortal Combat.

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