Drop by Drop filters water using living plants

  • Pour water into the spout to start the filtration process. Image credit: Dezeen
  • Drop by Drop looks as chic as it is functional. Image credit: Dezeen
Date:11 July 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

Another incredible graduate project has surfaced from the Royal College of Art. Called Drop by Drop, this system can grow herbs and purify water.

The system, designed by Pratik Ghosh, used grey water from the kitchen to nourish the plants, which in turn purifies the water.

Gosh told design website Dezeen the idea was to change the way humans procure and consume water on a large scale. “In order to do that, there needs to be a change in the value system and what better place to start than the home?”

“One can pour dirty water collected from the kitchen or even the bathroom into the system and the plants help you filter it.”

Although the process is relatively slow, the system can filter 160 litres of water in approximately 12 hours. Although it might seem little, this is almost double the current recommended water usage per person in Cape Town.

Watch the video above to see how the filtration system works.


Images and video credit: Dezeen

Source: Dezeen

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