Easy Squeezy: Asthma pump attachment for kids and the elderly

Date:2 May 2018 Author: Asheeqah Howa

A new innovation from UCT’s Biomedical engineers helps kids and the elderly. Introducing the Easy Squeezy, an attachment to fit all standard inhalers to help with grip and give the correct amount of force to deliver the correct dosage for those suffering from asthma. This prototype was announced on 1 May 2018 – World Asthma Day. Its a three-pronged design meant to tackle the three major problems faced with regular asthma pumps for kids below 12 and the elderly, namely, the amount of force needed, a way to adjust dosages and the stigma attached to using an asthma pump amount children.

To tackle this they have come up with the Was Squeezy which helps with the of grip kids and elderly need to be able to get the correct dosage. It has an indicator when you need to replace the inhaler. The best part is how they chose to try and overcome the stigma attached with inhalers by designing these attachments to look like cartoon characters or lego sets. It’s pretty genius to use that concept¬†because every kid will want one. The Easy Squeezy will sell for roughly R120 once it’s out of its prototype stage. We still have a little bit of a wait before these are available commercially.

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