Eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas

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Christmas is just around the corner and before you know it, we will all be sitting around the tree handing out presents. But as we all become more aware of how we are impacting our planet, it is also time to re-consider the Christmas tree. Although a real tree is traditional and beautiful and plastic trees are cheap and easy to keep for next year, here are some different ways to celebrate the holiday and the planet.

A Potted Tree

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This years living Christmas tree 🎄 Just brought this from the Mitre 10 Garden centre and potted it in a terracotta pot. Once Christmas is over it can just go outside and keep growing until the next year 🌿

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This is probably the best option when it comes to an eco-friendly tree, if you do feel you want a real tree. Rather than cutting down a tree that will die, buy a potted tree which you can later plant in your garden. You can still dress it up with some fairy lights and keep the spirit, then add it to your lovely garden.

A Driftwood Tree

If you don’t have space for a tree in your garden or just don’t want to take care of a living plant, another option is making or buying a driftwood tree. These are made without taking anything away from nature and are a nice minimalist take on the full tree.

A Book tree

This is for all the bookworms, with loads of books sitting on their shelves. Put these to good use and build a book tree. Its a nice way to repurpose your books without ruining them and you can show off all the fancy titles you have to anyone who comes in.

Wire Tree

These can be bought and kept in your house for use over multiple years. Often sold at traffic lights around South Africa, these artistic pieces allow you to help a person earn some money and make your Christmas a local affair.

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