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Curved, organic, green… and you can live in it

If you’re harmlessly obsessed with the indoor-outdoor flow, enjoy bold architectural statements and absolutely adore anything to do with the word “organic”, you’ll probably love the eco-Perch, based on UK firm Blue Forest’s famous tree houses. Okay, let’s get it over with: “Its natural, organic geometry maximises the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring that the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape.”

The eco-Perch sleeps four people and is delivered, assembled and commissioned in about five days (subject to site preparation). Being flexible, the design can be adapted to suit a site where existing infrastructure is already in place, and may be built on the ground or even among the tree-tops. To simplify the planning requirements, says Blue Forest, the building has been designed to conform to the UK’s Caravan and Mobile Homes Act.

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