Elon Musk unveils concept to ease traffic congestion

Date:3 May 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , , ,

The mega-CEO does it again.  Elon Musk has developed yet another concept to hopes to make our lives easier. Called The Boring Company, the concept hopes to ease traffic congestion for those living in Los Angeles.

During an interview with Chris Anderson at a TED conference in Vancouver last week Musk discussed his plans to ease traffic congestion. The plans include an underground network of tunnels that transport cars on high-speed elevator electric skates. These would move vehicles from the surface, through the network of tunnels to the destination of choice.

In Musk’s opinion the tunneling project has no limit as to how deep or how far it could go. He says the system could solve the problem of traffic by creating “any arbitrary number of tunnels, at any number of levels” in order to reduce congestion.

The entrance and exit between each tunnel will utilise the space of a parking space and the skates on which your vehicle will be operating will move at a speed of 200km/h underground.

But he admits that there needs to be huge cost reduction within the construction of tunnels to make this project possible. Currently the cost of a subway extension in LA per mile is about a billion dollars. In fact, he hopes to cut costs through scaling the tunnels and to double the efficiency of the process, he wants to make his boring machines carve out tunnels and reinforce the walls being created at the same time.

Musk goes on to talk about the future of electric power and the launch of the Tesla Model 3 and new Tesla heavy-duty electric truck. To check out the entire TED discussion, click here.

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