• Ethics schmethics: Gods Will Be Watching

    Date:19 August 2013 Author: Rogan Louwrens


    The most soul-jarring moral dilemma I’ve faced today has been whether to eat chocolate or something healthy, like chocolate with nuts.

    This will all change when I get my grubby mitts on Gods Will Be Watching, “a big game about despair, commitment and self-justified sacrifices, in which the player sets the rules of behaviour”, according to the project’s Indiegogo page. The premise centres on making your way through a number of point-and-click adventure puzzles that require some serious ethical thinking.

    What kind of ethical thinking, you might ask? How about whether or not to eat your friends? Chocolate doesn’t even feature in that equation. Quandary, eh?

    Gods Will Be Watching has reached double its funding goal of €8000 with a good nine days to go, so it’s safe to assume a good many armchair philosophers out there are flexing their paradoxical fingers.

    Intrigued? Try out the original Ludum Dare submission. The full version will be released on PC, Linux and Mac, as well as Android and iOs devices.

    Tip-off gleaned at Joystiq.

    Take a look at Gods Will Be Watching’s Indiegogo teaser trailer:

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