Ettitude: healthier sleep with coffee infused bedding

  • The bamboo coffee fabric is infused with coffee grounds to effectively absorb unwanted odour and sweat. Image Credit: Ettitude
  • Available in four colour options: latte, mocha, strawberry frappe and flat white, the bedding will go with any styled bedroom interior. Image Credit: Ettitude
  • An illustration of the S.Cafe coffee yarn and Bamboo Lyocell fabrication process. Image Credit: Ettitude
Date:3 July 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, ,

For those of us who like to have our coffee in bed, Ettitude gives a whole new meaning to the concept.

Java connoisseurs can take their passion for the brew to new and surprisingly comfortable levels now that Ettitude, an Australian sustainable homeware label, is infusing its signature Bamboo Lyocell fabric with repurposed coffee grounds.

The mixture of bamboo with coffee creates a bedding that is super soft, 50 percent more moisture wicking than cotton, hypoallergenic, and highly odour diffusing – without actually smelling like coffee.

All their products are made with 100 per cent organic Bamboo Lyocell in a closed-loop system that recycles and reuses water to minimise waste.

In contrast, cotton bedding, a popular bedding fabric of choice, production is labor-intensive and involves a lot of chemicals and fresh water. Not only is the bamboo industry more sustainable, but the fibre yield per acre from bamboo can be up to ten times higher than cotton while requiring less than a third of the water.

So why use coffee grounds? An estimate of over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world ever day. Every cup only uses up to 0.2 percent of the coffee with the remaining 99.8 percent gets thrown into the trash.

Using S.Cafe technology the Australian team can recycle the wasted 99.8 percent and modify the coffee grounds into yarn. Coffee beans which have been roasted expands and allows for odour absorption and fast drying functions.

After the coffee beans are ground up it’s embedded onto a yarn fibre while using low temperature and high-pressure. During the process the oils in the grounds which is responsible for the scent is removed and won’t keep you awake at night.

The 35 per cent of the coffee yarn gets woven together with 65 per cent of the Bamboo Lyocell yarn to create these odour control and fast drying sheets.

So mature your sleeping and waking game with sustainable, antimicrobial sheets made with coffee. You can pre-order the coffee-infused bedding collection now on Kickstarter.

By funding the campaign, backers can enjoy up to 30-percent off the retail price. The basic bedsheet is available for about R1257.82 and the pillowcase starts from R301.58.

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