Exploding Vape Shuts Down Plane, Cancels Flight

Date:15 February 2019 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, ,

Vapes are a pretty trendy thing these days, and it seems like nowhere is safe from people inhaling flavored nicotine juice. But one place that should be safe is on an airplane. After all, smoking is strictly forbidden on flights. But apparently even airplanes aren’t safe from vapes, although in a different way than you might expect: recently, a vape managed to get an entire flight canceled after it spontaneously burst into flame.

On Wednesday, a passenger brought a vape aboard their carry-on luggage on a Delta flight from New York to Houston. Somehow, the vape must have been damaged and started producing smoke. Fortunately the vape didn’t wait until the plane was in the air before it decided to flood the cabin with smoke. Passengers were still in the process of boarding, and so the flight was canceled.

A video of the event was captured by a producer at NowThis:

Lithium-ion batteries like the ones in vapes have a tendency to explode if they suffer damage or overheat. It can lead to all kinds of unfortunate incidents when they explode or burst into flame. Even NASA robots aren’t immune. At least the planes themselves don’t use lithium batteries to fly—yet.

Source: NowThis via Gizmodo


Originally posted on Popular Mechanics

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