Exploring a psychedelic ice cavern in Patagonia

Date:23 January 2014 Tags:, , , , ,

Professional photographer Juan Cruz Rabaglia likes nothing more than to capture the nooks and crannies of the woods, mountains and lakes in Patagonia. In this image, Rabaglia photographed athlete Leonardo Cuny Proverbio, as he explored a psychedelic ice cavern beneath Glaciar Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina.

Rabaglia submitted this shot into the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013. He deservedly made it to the Top 50 as a finalist in the New Creativity category.

About the shot
Right beside the lateral moraine of Patagonia’s Perito Moreno Glacier, natural dams of ice and rock are occasionally formed. Thanks to glacial-fed rivers and streams, these often give rise to small lakes.

When the water pressure finds a crack, a slow process of ice boring begins. Thus, little by little, these ice caverns are sculpted underneath the glacier. When the lakes are emptied completely, for a brief period of time it is possible to explore these ephemeral and psychedelic ice galleries.

Image credit: Juan Cruz Rabaglia | Red Bull Illume

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