Forensic anthropology under the microscope

Date:24 May 2016 Tags:, ,

While you are marvelling at the plot twists in the latest episode of CSI, did it ever cross your mind to wonder how how the remains of long-dead humans can be used to identify them? Gain some insights into the process in Cape Town on Saturday 11 June from two researchers active in the field of Forensic anthropology, the gathering and interpretation of evidence to help identify human remains in a legal setting. Forensic anthropologists are scientists who identify deceased individuals whose remains are otherwise unrecognisable.

Discussing the field as well as their current research project are Devin Finaughty and Belinda Speed, two PhD students from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town.

The talk will take place from 7 in the evening on Saturday, 11 June at the 1st Bergvliet Sea Scout Hall in Bergvliet. Tickets cost R35 and include a mug of soup and a roll. Click here to reserve your seat. Booking is essential as seats are limited.

Note: Some may find the content and photographs in the presentation upsetting.

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