Fortnite chapter 2 set to make it’s return

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Update: Fortnite Chapter 2 was officially released on 15 October worldwide. 

The phenomenon that is Fortnite went down late Sunday evening, leaving gamers with nothing to stare at but an all encompassing black hole. However, it seems as though the game is set to make a quick return, if a leaked trailer is anything to go by.

Right now there is no solid evidence as to the exact return date, but there’s strong reason to believe it could happen sooner rather than later. Different screenshots have made their way to Twitter, showing a huge 13GB version of the game being downloaded. Another screenshot, taken from the official Chinese website revealed Fortnite season 11 would be released on October 15.

As for the game itself, the leaked trailer gave a good indication of what you can expect when the game is finally back up and running. Players logging into the latest season of Fortnite can expect to see an all-new map filled with new locations and points of interest. The trailer, which was revealed by SkinTrackerCom’s Twitter account also showcased brand new game mechanics. These include the ability go fishing (which now earns you skill points), hop along on a Pogo stick, go for a quick swim, pilot a boat, and most impressively, carry a downed teammate to safety. There was also a brief cut scene showing two characters high-five, which suggests custom co-op emotes will be introduced into the game.

The trailer had a surprisingly vibrant look to it, which suggests the game received a significant graphical upgrade. Fortnite Chapter 2 also seems to have introduced an all new progression system which includes ‘Battle’, ‘Survival’, and ‘Scavenger’ medals, all of which help you achieve a higher Battle Pass rank.

Epic games have taken a huge risk by temporarily shutting down their servers for an extended period of time, possibly costing the company millions in revenue. However, if the amount of attention “The End” event got is anything to go by, the risk is more than likely to pay off in the long run.

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