Free game Path of Shadows is outta sight

Date:19 November 2013 Author: Rogan Louwrens

If you missed the news late last week, what you need to do right now is declare a half-hour break and play Path of Shadows, a splendid (and free) stealth gamelet that took five students from Barcelona’s Universitat Pompeu Fabran a year to make.

In Path of Shadows you take control of a warrior ninja-type fellow who has been resurrected by a goddess and given the objective of releasing her from a temple–prison. The kickassness: you are a master of the shadows, meaning you can teleport between them, create new patches of darkness, and vanish your foes into their inky embrace.

You only get two levels to play through – one of them a tutorial – but the experience is executed with such swagger that I can only pray the devs will try to Kickstart a full treatment.



Just look at it. The subtle dolly-zooming when you break into a run, the preternaturally stylish protagonist, the painted-on graphical style… It’s plain magnificent. And it’s all done using a custom 3D engine (that can render stereoscopically, for those of you with Nvidia 3D Vision), which is a mystical feat in itself.

Just a word of warning: you might not find it to be the simplest game to get going. The pre-launch setup screen doesn’t seem to list resolutions with a 16:9 aspect ratio, but I got it running just fine by opening up the config file in Notepad and editing the values therein.

Trust me: it’s worth it.


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